1. Ocean Color/SeaWiFS/NSIPP Project

Futuretech provides various technical supports to the Mission Operations of Ocean Color/SeaWiFS project and the Sensor Inter-comparison and Merger for Biological and Interdisciplinary Ocean Studies (SIMBIOS). In particular, Futuretech supports the following activities:

• Provide Programming support in algorithm development to derive global estimates of ocean primary productivity data from spaceborne sensors. Customize application software and integration with existing ocean color software. Develop analysis software for primary productivity data.

• Support activities and coordination of technical interfaces among science team leaders.

• Algorithm developments, retrievals of geophysical parameters.

• Provide data analysis support for Bio-Optical Archive and storage system. Support data analysis and quality control before submission and test of algorithm performance.

• Perform application software development for SIMBIOS project, particularly the multi-sensor processing facility. Provide unified processing element for sensor datasets.

• Improve atmospheric correction algorithm for use in multi-sensor instruments. Implement software systems for data validation, analysis and graphical displays.

• Provide project-wide maintenance and full support of hardware/ software management in heterogeneous network systems. Perform acquisitions, installations, user support, upgrades, troubleshooting of network and operating system problem. Create customized software and administer project-wide backups and system security.

In order to remain highly competitive in the technology industries, Futretech employs high caliber candidates with specialty degrees or related experience. Futuretech is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
A small disadvantaged business (SDB); Futuretech Corporation was incorporated as a high technology and scientific research company in 1993. As a dynamic and fast growing small firm, it is guided by a mentality of controlled expansion with assured professionalism and responsiveness.
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