A small disadvantaged business (SDB); Futuretech Corporation was incorporated as a high technology and scientific research company in 1993. As a dynamic and fast growing small firm, it is guided by a mentality of controlled expansion with assured professionalism and responsiveness. Futuretech is committed to excellence in bringing solutions of technical issues to its customers while aiming to establish and maintain a stable long-term professional relationship with government agencies and private industry alike.

In order to remain highly competitive in the technology industry, Futuretech employs high-caliber candidates with specialized degrees. All of the company’s employees hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Eighty percent of the staff has a M.S. or Ph. D. degree among the fields of physics, engineering, oceanography, atmospheric science, mathematics, and computer science.

Since its inception, Futuretech has performed credible scientific research contracts with NASA/GSFC in space and earth sciences, very notably in the area of technical support in remote sensing and related satellite projects. These projects involved project-wide support with respect to the development and sustenance of scientific software and scientific algorithms. Futuretech provided exactly this kind of support for the Ocean Color Program/Sensor Inter-comparison and Merger for Biological and Interdisciplinary Ocean Studies (SIMBIOS) Project, involving as many as seven U.S. and international satellite sensors. Futuretech’s experiences also include support in data validation and quality assurance, round-robin sensor calibration, satellite area coverage scheduling and prediction. Futuretech provides specialized support in microwave/millimeterwave radiometry, multiple sensor products from AMSU, SSM/T2, SSM/I, AIRS and MODIS.

Futuretech also has experience establishing and providing support for the infrastructure necessary for effective project-wide systems administration and data communication. Specific examples of such support include database system development and management, information integration and customization, intelligent data retrieval, distributed computing, and satellite overpass coordination.

Futuretech performs scientific support in the NASA R&D enterprise space. We have received excellent performamce rating from our customers.
Over twenty years, Futuretech has established solid technical background in the support services to NASA/GSFC space and earth sciences. Our technical staffs consist of quality physicists, engineers, meteorologists, oceanographers, mathematicians and system engineers.
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