Scientific Programmer Analyst/System Analyst

Job Description:

Software System Development - Develop MODIS science product software in C from design. Perform unit testing and integrated testing of modules. Develop UNIX system shell scripts for science data production, dataset downloads and staging, and system builds. System Administration - Assist in configuration and maintenance of a small heterogeneous LAN comprised of SGIs, macs, PC and peripherals such as a RAID disk array, tape library, and network printers. Troubleshoot system problems and work with vendor support. Perform hardware and software upgrades and patches. Establish and maintain a regular backup schedule. Track and address security vulnerabilities. Configure and maintain network (FDDI, 10BaseT, and 100BaseT) and communications software Website Development - Develop and maintain HTTP and FTP sites using scripts (JAVA, Perl, CGI, etc.) for distribution of research products, including data, documents, and code.

Required Skills:

• C programming, IDL Programming
• Unix, System Admin
• Fortran, Make, Shell Scripts
• Communications (ftp, http, netscape, java, etc)
• SE tools (DFD or CASE), C++
• IRIX and SGI systems
• LAN Admin (10BaseT, 100BaseT, and FDDI)
• Peripherals (disks, tape drives, printers, etc)
• Procurement of System Components
• Macintosh

The following skill will be a plus:
o Large-Scale Satellite Datasets
o Software Design and Engineering
o Image Processing, Statistics, Research


o BS in Computer Science, Engineering, Math, Physics Science or Equivalent.

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