Futuretech performs scientific support in the NASA R&D enterprise space. We specialize in analytical modeling, numerical simulation, remote sensing, data processing and analysis, system engineering and IT support. Over twenty years, Futuretech has established solid technical background in the support services to NASA/GSFC space and earth sciences, and is one of the preferred small businesses chosen by NASA to participate in Semi-annual Science Forum. Our technical staffs consist of quality physicists, engineers, meteorologists, oceanographers, mathematicians and system engineers. Futuretech has received an excellent past performance rating. The following summarizes relevant discipline and expertise Futuretech can bring to serve our customers:

Support in Disciplinary Research and Application:

• Regional scale and global scale numerical modeling and simulation, diagnostic and prognostic studies in climate changes.
• Applied remote sensing, quantitative environmental monitoring.
• Algorithm developments, retrievals of geophysical parameters.
• Passive microwave radiometry, studies in hydrological parameters.
• Sensor calibration, remote sensing data capture and processing.
• Radiative transfer calculation, simulation and inversion technique.
• Statistical analyses and applications, cross spectrum analyses of geophysical variables, modeling of stochastic processes.
• Coordination and supports of the various interdisciplinary research activities among Earth Observing System projects.

Support in Data/Information Technologies and Systems Engineering:

• Data communication and database system management GIS application in environment, resource and disaster management.
• Data information integration customization, and application modeling and simulation.
• Development of information retrievals with synergy techniques.
• Distributed computation, data retrievals and applications.
• Support and coordination for satellite overpass predictions and LAC scheduling, data control for submission and archiving.
• Project-wide systems administration and full support of hardware/software to a host of diversified heterogeneous systems. Performing acquisitions, user support, upgrades, troubleshooting of network and operating system problems, creating custom software and administrating project-wide backups and system security.
Futuretech performs scientific support in the NASA R&D enterprise space. We have received excellent performamce rating from our customers.

A small disadvantaged business (SDB); Futuretech Corporation was incorporated as a high technology and scientific research company in 1993. As a dynamic and fast growing small firm, it is guided by a mentality of controlled expansion with assured professionalism and responsiveness.

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